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We've received a testimonial from a wonderful customer, Natalie Edwards, whose touching personal story was at the centre of our jewellery design project. She came to us with the hope of collaborating on the design of a diamond ring to mark two profound family events...

Shortly before the birth of my first child, I sadly lost my Auntie Sonya to illness. It struck me that as one life came to an end, another was just beginning, and I wanted to do something to commemorate both my Auntie's life and the arrival of our baby. As the baby was a boy, I was unable to name him in honour of my Auntie, so I searched for another idea. When I was lucky enough to inherit my Auntie's diamond ring, which she in turn had inherited from my Great Aunt Edith, I decided it would be fitting to rework the antique ring into a fresh design, therefore breathing new life into it and creating something new from something old. 

For such a personal story, it was important to me that I wasn't dealing with a faceless jewellery chain and that instead I could partner with an independent, local jeweller to create a truly bespoke piece, so I decided to speak with Rob at Paul Ashby-Crane. Rob immediately understood my idea and seemed to share not only my vision but also the excitement I felt for the project. After discussing some of Rob's drafts, we settled on a design which I loved, and Rob got to work.

Throughout the project, Rob kept me updated on progress and was a pleasure to deal with. His knowledge of the product and of his industry is obvious to see, and he clearly takes great pride in creating innovative designs and then executing them skillfully. 

 When the ring was completed, I was thrilled - not only was it a beautiful piece of jewellery which Sonya would have loved and which made the most of her diamond, but its setting was contemporary and brought the ring up to date perfectly in order to celebrate our new arrival. Rob had created a setting which allowed the stone to be displayed in an absolutely gorgeous way, and I really feel that the finished article is a fitting tribute both to my Auntie and to my baby boy. 

Together we have created not only a wonderful, unique piece of jewellery but also a real antique of the future.

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